In Home Care

Affordable Senior Care Provides a whole host of Non-Medical services which can essentially be broken down into the categories detailed below.

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In Home Care Services

Companion Care

Companion care is simply the providing of a companion to do simple things like rent and play movies, participate in crafts and activities of this nature. Often this is combined with the provision of other services, but it isn’t required. Human interaction and activities are essential to everyone’s quality of life.

Affordable Senior Care is here to help with both the non-medical necessities and those things that make life worth living. For a more comprehensive list of the types of activities that could be expected with our Companion Care services

Personal Services

Personal Services are the day to day activities that are necessary to functioning in today’s world but not necessarily medical in nature. This includes things like toileting assistance, grooming and personal hygiene. Like companion care these services may be provided in conjunction with other services or independent of them.

For a more complete list of the types of activities that could be expected with our Personal Services, please contact us.

Home Helper

Home Helper services are assistance with those activities that are necessary to keep a home in order. Sometimes doing day to day chores like changing linens and taking out the garbage is a little too much to handle for an independent senior. We can help. 

If you would like to get more complete list of the types of Home Helper services we offer, please contact us.

Other Services


We have added Housekeeping or Maid Services to the list of life enhancing offerings we provide our clients. We are very excited about this new offering and feel it is a natural extension of the services we already offer our clients to help them live a more full, fulfilling and independent life.


The logistics of getting through the day, managing a calendar, getting to appointments on time, handling the mail is an area we could all use a helping hand. Affordable Senior Care is here to provide that helping hand so that the logistics of the day aren’t overwhelming.


We all know that eating well is essential to our wellbeing and difficult to do in the best of times. For seniors proper nutrition is even more important in order to maintain a decent quality of life or recover for surgery or a medical condition. Affordable Senior Care can help insure that nutritional needs are tended to giving our clients the best chance at health, vitality and longevity.


As the years go by or illness takes its toll people often withdraw from the outside world setting back their own recovery in the process. Affordable Senior Care can help fight that tendency and help assist in recovery by getting or clients out to interact with the world around them. For a partial list of the ways we help our clients with socialization.


Even those of us that aren’t infirm or limited by age or illness have a tough time consistently doing our exercises or engaging in physical therapy after an injury. Sometimes a helping hand or a little nudge is needed and that is exactly what we provide.

Transportation Services

We have added Transportation Services to the list of services we provide our clients. We are very excited about this new offering and have setup another section of this site to discuss this brand new offering.

Please Note: Financial Services

Caregivers do not handle or manage our clients’ money. Our clients and their families can rest easy in the knowledge that Affordable Senior Care caregivers are there to provide care and do not ever handle financial transactions. Affordable Senior Care requests that clients do not give any money, credit cards or gifts to caregivers.